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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine is a branch of medicine in which the naturopathic doctors use a variety of techniques and natural tools to stimulate the power of the body to heal itself and improve the quality of life. It is both a preventative medicine as well as a holistic way of treating your ailments and symptoms by getting to the root cause and bringing your health back into balance

How Can You Benefit From Naturopathy?

1. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the prevention and the treatment of chronic medical illnesses and also deals with acute conditions in a very natural ways
2. Naturopathic medicine treats the body as one unit by linking the dots of all physical symptoms, as well as the influence of lifestyle factors and emotions on the person’s whole health.
3. A good nutrition plan from wholefoods and superfoods is a major key of the naturopathic plan of treatment.
4. Naturopathic medicine uses a range of practioner-only products that are safe to use and are evidence-based to incorporate in the treatment plan
5. Naturopathic Medicine works in harmony with conventional medicine to minimize the side effects of medications and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are well trained group of practitioners who complement each other work to help you to our maximal potential
  • You are the centre of our care
  • Our clinic has many additional machines, modalities and services that are all present in one location same like one shop stop

What types of Naturopathic treatments do we offer?

1- Naturopathic Assessment:
• Involves detailed initial consult, general physical exam
• Specific localized physical exam related to your complains
• Addresses the root cause of the disease, heals the whole person through an individualized treatment plan and teaches the principles of healthy living and preventative measures to keep your body healthy.

Your plan of treatment could include one or more of the following:

1. Diet plan
2. Nutritional or herbal supplements
3. Bowen sessions
4. Acupuncture
5. Homeopathic medicine
6. PSE remedies to remove energy blocks in the different area of your body

2- Bowen Treatment:
• Gentle yet powerful soft tissue technique that restores and regenerates the healing mode of the body (Parasympathetic function of the nervous system)
• One of the safest, fastest and most effective modalities for treating pain, chronic issues and overall health because It integrates the Mind-Body connection
• The first session is a “Reboot” treatment which enables the body’s reset mechanism

3- Weight Loss programs (Ask us for more details)

– 21 days detox and weight loss
– Metabolic Balance weight management

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