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What is Game Ready?

Game Ready is the ONLY device that uses a combination of
cold and compression therapies to accelerate recovery following
injury or surgery.
Game Ready is so effective, it is the number one recovery technology for patients, elite athletes, athletic trainers, professional teams in every sport, special military forces, and the world’s foremost orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, and physical therapists.

"Game Ready helps patients heal faster, recover better, and enjoy effective, non-narcotic pain relief after an injury or surgery. "

Cryotherapy (COLD)

  • Reduces inflammation an swelling
  • Reduces metabolic activity and
    cellular demand for oxygen, reducing
    secondary tissue damage
  • Draws heat away from the injury
    site for more efficient temperature


  • Aids in the prevention of edema
    formation and removal of swelling
  • Mimics natural muscle contractions
    and “pumps” edema/swelling out of
    the injured area and reduces swelling
  • Optimizes lymphatic drainage
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen
  • Stimulates tissue repair and
    encourages acceleration of the
    healing process

Clinically Proven

  • Improves pain relief and decreases
    muscle spasms
  • Reduces narcotic consumption
  • Improves post-operative range
    of motion and physical therapy
  • Reduces swelling and edema
  • Increases postoperative function
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Provides faster, deeper,
    longer-lasting cooling
  • Reduces blood transfusion rates
  • Shortens hospital stays

Physician Recommended For:

  • Joint replacements – knee, hip,
    shoulder, elbow, etc.
  • ACL and MCL tears
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Torn meniscus
  • Hand and wrist fractures
  • Spinal surgery
  • Any orthopaedic surgery
  • Amputation

Over 9700 Patients Surveyed

0 %
were glad their physician offered Game Ready as an option for recovery.
0 %
said Game Ready helped reduce the amount of pain medication they took, or enabled them to stop taking pain medication sooner.

Clinical citations available upon request to Game Ready*

0 %
said Game Ready provided a better post-op recovery than a previous surgery using a different cold therapy.


Most frequent questions and answers

Contact the Wellness First Office for more information at wellnessfirstgamily@gmail.com or (905) 477-6578

Some insurance providers will cover the cost of the Game Ready rental. Please contact your provider for details. Provincial workers’ compensation boards will cover the cost up to an 8-week rental.

You can rent a Game Ready device in minutes over the phone, on our website, or through
your healthcare provider. We can ship the unit to you the same day or next day. We strive
to ensure you have your device 2 days prior to your surgery so that you can feel secure
knowing you know how to use the Game Ready when you need it most.

Your physician at Wellness First will tell you how long you need to use Game Ready. Once you have the
device we believe “more is better” – the longer you use Game Ready each day the better
you will feel and the quicker you will recover.

Reserve Game Ready through Wellness First! Come in for a free consultation and ask us about renting Game Ready so you can do your treatments from home. Call us for more information and to book your appointment today!

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