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What Is Ceragem? 什麼是 Ceragem?

Ceragem is a multi-functional medical device created through the combination of Ancient Eastern Healing and Modern Western technology to assist in balancing the entire body structure. Ceragem uses the principles of chiropractic, acupressure, thermal therapy, and deep tissue massage to provide a fully customized massage. Ceragem features jade mineral stone rollers with infrared heat spin in circular motions while administering gentle pressure and massaging your back from the base of the skull all the way to the bottom of the spine. Ceragem 是一種結合古代東方療法和現代西方技術創造的多功能醫療設備,以幫助平衡整個身體結構。 Ceragem 使用脊椎按摩療法、穴位按摩、熱療法和深層組織按摩的原理來提供完全定制的按摩。 Ceragem 採用玉石滾輪,紅外線熱旋轉圓周運動,同時施加溫和的壓力,從頭骨底部一直按摩到脊椎底部。  

We will have you lie down on the Ceragem bed and explain the benefits of Ceragem. Ceragem will then scan your spine length, body weight and curves to adjust the program according to your personal needs. 我們將讓您躺在 Ceragem 床上並解釋 Ceragem 的好處。 然後,Ceragem 將掃描您的脊柱長度、體重和曲線,以根據您的個人需求調整程序。

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How Can You Benefit From Ceragem?Ceragem 能為你帶來什麼好處?

Ceragem uses non-invasive acupressure, gentle spine stretching and adjustment, deep tissue massage, and Far-infrared Heat designed to work simultaneously to: Ceragem 能同時使用無創指壓、溫和的脊柱伸展和調整、深層組織按摩和遠紅外線加熱: 

  1. Reduce joint pain 減輕關節疼痛
  2. Loosen stiff muscles 放鬆僵硬的肌肉
  3. Reduce pain due to inflammation 減輕炎症引起的疼痛
  4. Improve better blood circulation 改善血液循環
  5. Help maintain a strong immune system 幫助維持強大的免疫系統
  6. Assist the body’s ability to heal 幫助身體的癒合能力

Gentle Spinal Decompression and Mobility 溫和的脊柱減壓和活動: Works to relieve compressed nerves by encouraging spinal alignment and mobility. 通過促進脊柱排列和活動性來緩解受壓的神經

Massage 按摩: Massaging relaxes muscles and tendons around the spine, relieves pressure on the spinal cord, and allows for movement of the vertebrae. Massaging aids in pain relief, relaxation of the body and mind, and stimulated circulation. 按摩可以放鬆脊柱周圍的肌肉和肌腱,減輕脊髓的壓力,並允許椎骨運動。 按摩有助於緩解疼痛,放鬆身心,促進血液循環 

Moxibustion 艾灸: Moxibustion, a wide used practice in Eastern medicine, uses heat derived to aid in healing and relaxation. 艾灸是東方醫學中廣泛使用的一種做法,它利用產生的熱量來幫助癒合和放鬆。

Jade Stone 玉石: Jade had been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years to stimulate Chi (Qi), the life force in our bodies. The Jade stone is used to apply acupressure to special points along the meridians of your body, releasing blocked energy and promoting energy flow to restore your inner balance. 幾千年來,東方醫學一直使用玉來刺激我們體內的生命力氣。 玉石用於對身體經絡的特殊穴位進行指壓,釋放阻塞的能量,促進能量流動,以恢復你的內在平衡。  

Click here for additional video resources about Ceragem. 點擊獲取更多有關 Ceragem 的其他視頻資源。  

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