Wellness First Health Center

We are happy to welcome Dr Arvind Tuteja ND, as our Naturopathic Doctor at Wellness First! 

Dr Arvind Tuteja ND,RRT is a licensed naturopathic doctor registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. He completed his Naturopathic Doctorate Degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Prior to this he worked as an anesthesiologist in India, before coming to Canada, doing a stint in research at Toronto Western Hospital in the Department of Anesthesiology before making the transition to the practice of Naturopathy.

He firmly believes in the natural powers of healing the body, and is a keen proponent of identifying the root factors of symptom manifestations, and treating them and bringing the body back to a healthy balance with natural modalities.

He considers both aspects of medicine, conventional and alternative or complementary as essential to the complete well being of a person, each providing important inputs towards maintaining well being, and preventing and curing health conditions.

He considers himself fortunate to have been able to obtain the whole 360 degree view of health and factors affecting it, and is eager to share his unique skill-set and knowledge and experience for the benefit of his patients to help them manage their health holistically and achieve a complete body mind spirit equilibrium in order to live a happy healthy complete life.

He focuses predominantly in pain and sleep issues, and also in gut, hormonal and autoimmune disorders. He offers his special expertise in supporting  pre and post hospitalization / surgical patients with natural treatment options, and also has a keen interest in integrative approaches to management of cancer patients.