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Ozone Steam Sauna

Coming Soon to Wellness First Early October!

Shock Wave

Shockwave Can Help Reduce And Ultimately Resolve Your Pain By Providing Accelerated Tissue Repair And Growth, Restoring Mobility, And Providing An Analgesic Effect To Let You Get Back To Your Usual Self And Activities.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Is The Therapeutic Elongation Of The Spine In A Slow, Gentle Manner In Order To Relieve Pressure On Compressed Vertebrae And Discs. 

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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Has Been Successfully Used To Treat A Broad Range Of Medical Conditions, Including Musculoskeletal Problems, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Post-Surgical Wounds, Diabetic Ulcers And Dermatological Conditions.


The incorporation of the BioMat in physical therapy can complement conventional/standard treatments to enhance and accelerate their results.  It treats pain and inflammation at the cause by providing deep healing via far infrared heat and negative ions.



Ultrasound therapy is another form of treatment to help ease the pain and stiffness of sore, injured and/or overworked muscles in addition to speed up healing. In the beginning, treatments start at a low ultrasound frequency and gradually increase to a therapeutic level to bring the most relief to the injured site

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It’s been a week since I have started my Therapy It’s going very well felling much better & Dr Mike is cool really nice to talk to
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The staff are super friendly and from the get go explain things when asked. I have seen an improvement on conditions to my back and neck after a couple of weeks of appointments. Drs Mike and Eric thank you
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