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Ozone Steam Sauna

This oxygen sauna is a type of sauna that utilizes oxygen or ozone to Detoxify your body. When the steam from the sauna opens up the pores of your skin, oxygen saturates your skin and oxidizes the Toxins.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a Therapeutic technique that uses red, low-level wavelengths of light. When exposed to red light therapy, the body produces a biochemical effect that boosts the amount of energy stored in cells.


Shockwave Can Help Reduce And Ultimately Resolve Your Pain By Providing Accelerated Tissue Repair And Growth, Restoring Mobility, And Providing An Analgesic Effect To Let You Get Back To Your Usual Self And Activities.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Has Been Successfully Used To Treat A Broad Range Of Medical Conditions, Including Musculoskeletal Problems, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Post-Surgical Wounds, Diabetic Ulcers And Dermatological Conditions.

Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Saunas heart the body directly rather than heating the air around the body. In a Far Infared Sauna, about 20% of the heat goes to heating the air and the other 80% heats your body. The radiant heat penetrates the skin more deeply than traditional saunas.


The incorporation of the BioMat in physical therapy can complement conventional/standard treatments to enhance and accelerate their results.  It treats pain and inflammation at the cause by providing deep healing via far infrared heat and negative ions.



Ultrasound therapy is another form of treatment to help ease the pain and stiffness of sore, injured and/or overworked muscles in addition to speed up healing. In the beginning, treatments start at a low ultrasound frequency and gradually increase to a therapeutic level to bring the most relief to the injured site


Theragun provides percussive massage which can help you perform better, recover faster, and relieve tension and pain for whole body relief. Theragun helps accelerate recovery & muscle repair; increases blood and lymphatic flow; relieves muscle spasms and stiffness, breaks up scar tissue; improves lactic acid clearance; activates the nervous system.

vibration Plates

Whole Body Vibration provides proven health benefits including: Stronger Muscles, Increased Bone Mass, Increased Blood Flow, Increased Flexibility, Stimulate Lymphatic System and decrease in cortisol levels. The whole body vibration plate can serve as a great warm up or cool down from activity, or just a supplement to your regular exercise regime.

ceragem Thermal Massage

Ceragem Thermal Massage Bed is significantly proven t0 improve your blood circulation, loosen stiff muscles, reduce joint pain and reduces pain due to inflammation.

Y-Strap Adjustment

The Y strap is one of the many tools that chiropractors can use to manipulate the spine. It provides a decompressive style adjustment. It can help relieving the pressure on the spine and reduce symptoms from underlying conditions.

Pain Control Therapy

TENS or pain control therapy is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. It is helpful in reducing the pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide range of conditions including arthritis, period pain, pelvic pain cause by endometriosis, knee pain, neck pain and sports injuries.

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