Wellness First Health Center

Registered Massage Therapist

Krystal Miller is an experienced Registered Massage Therapist who brings refreshing energy to the massage world. She creates unique treatment plans for each patient after conducting an assessment for each individual’s needs. Her dedication to customizing your care gleams through her understanding that directional techniques paired with consistency can positively affect discomfort that is carried in the body. To benefit your needs there is lots to expect from her treatments, from deep pressure to specialized knowledge of healing compliments. Her well thought out treatments and great care is executed by an individual who takes pride in her customizing crafts to help provide direction for a successful journey to wellness. Krystal addresses any chronic pain in a manner that respects her patients’ comfort level in terms of pressure. She always begins her sessions with breathing and uses deep pressure and hydrotherapy to combat her patients’ existing state. Krystal is experienced in Swedish massage, hot stone, body scrubs (circulation driven) lymphatic drainage (MLD) sports/stretch, hydrotherapy, reflexology, chronic pain focused massage. Massage in its different forms has become a passion for her, filled with exciting skills that translate through her attention to details in health care and pampering the body’s state. 

Krystal is in the clinic every Thursday and Friday, so call now or book an appointment online today!