Yoga Instructor

My name is Jialin, you can call me J-Lynn. I’ve been practising yoga over 5 years. I simply enjoy the stretches in every yoga poses. As a yoga instructor, I love to combine the creative sequencings to spice up the classes to keep everyone going. So, when people step off the mats, they can be feeling positive rejuvenated, energetic, balanced, fulfilled, satisfied, and more.


At our clinic, we are excited to offer yoga classes including , Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Power Yoga, Gentle Flow, and Core+Cardio.
  • Hatha: Great for beginner yogis to explore the journey. Each inhale and exhale remind the body to sink deeper into the poses
  • Vinyasa: Let’s pick up the speed and flow through
  • Power Yoga: Challenging yogis to hold the postures longer
  • Gentle Flow: Slow down your pace, take an advantage of this peaceful moment
  • Core+Cardio: Make it sore, enjoy your core! Participants may be guided to use resistance bands, TRX, weights, and more to burn the calories

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