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Darlene Caridi

Personal Training Specialist

I am Darlene Caridi,   Personal Training Specialist (PTS), Older Adult Specialist (OAS), and founder of Functional Fitnesse,  Active Living for women 50+,with 30 years’ experience in the Wellness and fitness industry,  I understand the powerful effect of functional movements on the body and mind and key to staying healthy and maintaining strength, mobility, balance, flexibility and increase our cognitive function as we age.  As a professional, I continue to receive specialized training and ongoing education to deliver safe and appropriate exercises for healthy active aging.  I love the meaningful relationships I develop with my clients and I find it very rewarding to being involved with people who really want to make changes in their life and want to learn and improve their health and lifestyle.

All my life I have been physically active. I loved to swim, snow and water ski, horseback ride, play golf and tennis.  I took ballroom dancing with my husband. I practiced karate and yoga. I had memberships at different gyms and participated in group classes.    

I now am in my 60’s and still physically active and pursuing what I‘m passionate about, working with women ages 50+ teaching Functional Fitness.  As an Older Adult Specialist, I find ways to encourage my clients to reach their fitness objectives, help motivate and inspire them to dramatically improve their quality of life, health and wellbeing by promoting an active lifestyle through Functional Fitness.

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-Personal Training Specialist Certification, CanFitPro

-Active Aging Certificate, CanFitPro

-CPR certified, CanFitPro

-Recreation Leadership Diploma, Humber College. Toronto

-Fitness Leader Certification, YWCA


-Reflexology Certification, RAC

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