Wellness First Health Center

60 Minute Wellness Session (Value $10 Only) 60 分鍾健康課程(只需$10)


  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair 零重力按摩椅
  • Use of all fitness equipment 使用所有健身器材
  • Free pain relieving product 免費舒緩疼痛產品  (Value價值: $15)
  • Ceragem Thermal Massage or you may choose one of the following therapies Ceragem 熱按摩或您可以選擇以下療法之一:

Watch a 2 minute Video To Learn More about the amazing benefits of Ceragem Thermal Massage . 觀看 2 分鐘視頻,了解更多關於 Ceragem 熱按摩的驚人好處。

See Resources on our website for more short videos. 有關更多短視頻,請參閱我們網站上的資源。

60 Minute Ceragem Thermal Massage 60 分鐘 Ceragem 熱按摩